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by Dr. Paul Lee Tan

    A PILGRIMAGE is different from a tour. It is a personal invitation from God—a loving summons to know God more fully.  And it is a journey to which the pilgrim joyfully responds "yes" to God's invitation.

    Although our Bible pilgrimages have an abundance of modern traveling amenities, yet our purpose remains unchanged. We are on a journey to Bible lands—to feel God’s presence and to renew spiritual lives.

    We will see many sites & cities of the OT and NT world, which we had heard of since childhood--and share these discoveries with family and friends upon our return home.

    A pilgrimage is a time of prayer & to see the “signposts” which God has set for our turning to Him. A successful pilgrimage involves a commitment to leave behind one's problems, and to focus instead on learning spiritual truths. Ask God to bless you with a heart that will be receptive to Him. The success of your spiritual journey will depend upon your faith, flexibility, and love for God and for others.

    Sometimes a pilgrim goes to find peace with/for his/her friends and family. But in order to find peace with/for another person, one must first find it with God in his/her own heart.

    And a pilgrimage can enable us to see some things more clearly in our hearts, separate ourselves from daily surroundings, and look at things in actual Bible-based perspectives. 

    Learn how everyday people did extraordinary things in Bible times—and apply it upon your return.

    During this pilgrimage, we will be with each other for several weeks.

    We will walk where our Savior Jesus Christ, the apostle Paul and other Bible heroes walked in Biblical worlds of ancient times and empires.

    Learn to feel God’s presence in the Bible sites we will visit. No matter what—everyday give time for God in personal devotions and worship.

    Sometimes, when people go abroad, they start off by comparing, and then complaining about this and that (as compared to their home life) … until a few days later, when they realize they are on a unique and spiritual journey with the Lord. 

    However, better still, let us prepare before starting this trip. The purpose of our going to Bible lands is to find new ways of looking at things, new peace, new friendships, and especially peace with God.

    Then, as we sing, read the Bible, and pray together in the Old & New Testament lands, remember to say a kind word to someone each day, give each other a helping hand, a smile, even an encouraging hug.

    That is a treasure you can give back to God—even while in Bible lands—and that doesn't cost a cent.

    ♥ Psalms 48:12-13 – “Walk about Zion, and go round about her: tell the towers thereof. Mark ye well her bulwarks, consider her palaces; that ye may tell it to the generation following.”

    ♥ 1 Corinthians 11:1 – “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.”   —Apostle Paul.


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