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THANKS for your interest in joining our 2023 PTPM “Footsteps of Jesus” Bible Study tour.

Some have asked about Israel WEATHER (in June). Below kindly see our Answer—

Points for Consideration

ISRAEL, although a small country, encompasses a Wide Variety of geography. We visit a variety of climates - From the cooler northern areas (e.g., Caesarea Philippi), breezy Mediterranean coastline (e.g., Joppa), to the arid Dead Sea regions (e.g., Masada), etc.

PTPM's priority is the Safety and Well-Being of Tour members. So we provide the following—

♦  For all countries (ISRAEL, and Jordan extension), we are traveling in luxury, Air Conditioned buses.

♦  PTPM provides 1 bottle water per day. In addition, bus drivers always have (cooled) bottle water for sale.

♦  Tours Guides will alert members, which Sites they should bring Umbrellas / Hats / Waters

♦  Tour members can wear Comfortable clothing, inc. T-shirts, Shorts

Our PTPM Tours has Wide Variety of Sites.
♦  Some sites are inside Air-Conditioned Museums.
♦  Some sites are in Churches, with Air-Condition / Fans
♦  Some sites are in Outdoor Parks.
♦  A few sites are seen from the Bus itself.
♦  ETC.

IMPORTANT: Kindly refer to ATTACHED PDF file (Click HERE). This 4 page systematically goes through our Tour’s major Sites, and provides “Weather-related Thoughts.”

Finally, this Holy Land tour is not simply a regular, sightseeing Tour. It is a spiritual Pilgrimage, and we also want to consider others, who want to go, but have young people in School. This is an opportunity for the whole family to be blessed together. And you can help make it happen.

If you or your friends have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

May God bless the desires of your heart to travel to Bible Lands, in His perfect timing.

Dr. Christine Joy Tan
Executive Director
Paul Lee Tan Prophetic Ministries, Inc. (PTPM)



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